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What Can I Use To Clean Up Blood

Blood removing

Environment cleanup service providers are essential people to our well-being. For blood cleanup services, herein, you will learn all that can be used to completely clean the mess and steps to undertake the cleaning task.

Steps in cleaning up blood spills

For biohazard cleanup in Tampa, Begin by wearing proper protective gear, face protection gear, and gloves are essential. Also, look for a fluid-resistant gown to protect you from possible splashing while undertaking this task.


Next thing is containing the blood spill. Ensure you block off the area in case you’re dealing with a large spill to reduce coworker stepping hazards. Do this with a paper towel if the blood spill is small.

Follow up by spraying a disinfectant to the blood spill. Clean it up with a disinfectant wipe or a paper towel.

Continue thoroughly wetting the blood spill area with your best disinfectant and allow it to stay as indicated on the disinfectant guideline by the manufacturer.

Lastly, your utility gloves should be decontaminated with your disinfectant. Dry them up using clean paper towels and keenly check to ensure they aren’t deteriorated in any way.

Some important cleaning agents used to clean blood.



Follow this by pouring soda with a detergent in a regular normal cycle so that the blood spill can be combated. Soda like Coca-Cola is an effective agent you can use to bust off any blood spills anywhere. It has been used on roads whenever accidents happen, and it has proved to be an excellent blood cleaning agent.

Baking soda

Start by mixing two parts of cold water and one part of baking soda in a clean bowl. Follow dabbing the mixture onto the blood spill using a clean cloth. Allow is stay for about half an hour then you wipe off everything that would have remained.