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Sustaining the Hopes of the Future‚Äč


Children are said to be the hope of the future. They are considered to be the ones that would make the world a better place. This is why it is just important that we cherish them as early as while they are still in the womb. We should give them all the resources that would make them the best that they can be.


 This is the ideal condition. However, it is not always followed. There are times when children cannot even get their basic needs which cause them not only to suffer but to fail in reaching their maximum potential. We are privy to this fact. Sometimes, even when we want to do something about it, we cannot. We are hampered especially by the lack of resources and our condition in life.


Helping our kids is our number one priority. It is our advocacy in life and it is our number one goal in our organization. We are a non-profit organization that aims to make the world a safe place for children. We make it the best place for them to live in. As much as possible, we aim to shelter them to the cruelties of life and we give them the love and care we deserve.


With over several decades of experience when it comes to social care, we focus on medium to low-income families. We make health care accessible to them starting from pre-natal and post-natal assistance that is needed in delivering them in perfect condition. We provide the mother access to medicines and vitamins they need to ensure the nutrition of kids they carry in their womb. Most of all, we ensure that such health care is of high-quality because our children only deserve the best. What more is that, upon delivery, we extend that care to the young ones. We help them until their parents, especially single parents, can go back to their feet and give them the sustenance they need.


Education makes the future of the children promising. We understand this. As such, we offer low-income families and those abandoned kids living in shelters a means to continue with their studies. We have funds that allow them to come to school whether they are in their kindergarten years or in their senior years. 

More than that, we also offer scholarships to prestigious schools through our sponsors for their tertiary education. They can get any undergraduate courses they want and make the most out of it.

We are a non-profit organization

But through the years, we have acquired many sponsors who are willing to give us the back up we need especially when it comes to sustaining the children who are recipients of our programs and projects. Gone were those days when they sleep outside many garage doors in Tulsa. Now, they can already sleep well at night without thinking about the dangers of the street, eat hot and good food, and study. They already have the means to be competitive once they reach the right age. We encourage you to help us with our advocacy so that we can broaden our reach when it comes to the children we help.

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