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FAQ children

This frequently asked questions page would give you additional information regarding the organization and its advocacy. We have collected here all the common questions being asked of us on a regular basis. May this serve as your reference as you navigate through our website.

I want to be a member of your organization. Do I need to pay any membership fee upon application?

Our organization to not charge any membership fee to those people who want to be a member. Are you need to do is to send us your application via email. The application form can be downloaded here at this website. It is found at the landing page, at the top right-hand portion. All you need to do is to download it, sign, scan it and send it back to us. Our partners would get back to you to give you an update regarding your application.

How can I help with your advocacy?

There are many ways to help the organization. First, you can donate in cash or in kind. You can also help by means of volunteering in our organization. You can participate in our projects and programs, and you can also disseminate information about the organization so that you can help provide awareness to those who do not know yet about us and our advocacy. This would not only help our organization but also our recipient children.

What if I only want to join one of your programs? Is that possible?

Anything is possible when it comes to our organization. We would love to have you here anyway that we can. We also understand that not everyone has much time to spare. We are going to work around your schedule so that we won’t be in the way. You have a choice to join just the programs or the projects that interest you.