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Here at the forum page, you have the chance to interact with other members of the organization and also people from the community. Feel free to ask them anything regarding the organization and its advocacy. We always monitor what goes on this page so please avoid speaking malicious and offensive words and uttering profanities.



I am always interested in joining an organization. I want to be able to volunteer especially when it means that I am able to help other people. I haven’t had a chance to volunteer with this organization yet but I am planning to do so. Are there new members here? If there are, can you please tell me what to expect so that I can be prepared?


@Melinda Hello! I’m so happy that you are interested in this organization. I am not a member per se but I had a chance to volunteer back when I was still in Nevada. The people in this organization are very friendly and they have legitimate concerns when it comes to children. Even the volunteers are really very accommodating. When you join this organization they would easily make you feel welcome. They would make you feel at home. If only I did not need to move, I would still participate in the projects and programs of this organization.


@Rico, You are right on that one bro. I also volunteered with this organization just last year. I was able to be a part of their fundraising project which aimed to build a school for the children. I had a lot of fun and we are able to collect enough to build the school. It was not really a big school but just a small one like a daycare for small children. But still, just the experience is very fulfilling. Too bad I got so busy with work. Now my only participation is providing awareness to my friends, family, and other people in the community.