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About Us

We are a non-profit organization that aims to help those who are less privileged children in the community. We help give them a better and brighter future by giving them access to health care, education, and to their everyday basic needs. We are first to know that the world could be cruel, so as much as possible we aim to protect and shelter them in the best way that we can. This is the primary goal and advocacy of this organization.

About Us| ChildrenNH

This organization started back in 1992. It was put to work because of the growing number of children who are suffering from maltreatment and malnutrition. Their number was growing at an alarming rate with people not even being aware that they exist. Initially, we simply aim to provide awareness to the people. We want to let them know that such problems exist and that we should do something about it. However, we realize that we should be the change we want the world to be. So we started with ourselves. Little by little, we started reaching out to less fortunate children and help them get a brighter future.

At first, our recipient children were only a handful. But as our sponsors grow we managed to add more and more children to the number we helped and assisted. We focused on low-income families and those who live in shelters. We wanted to bring back the hope to them so that they would start to dream again. This is because we realized that as children suffer, their future also suffers. They begin to let go of their dreams which is what usually sustain the children to work hard to reach their maximum potential. We hope to change this.

We highly encourage you to participate in our advocacy to help children have a brighter future. After all, children are the hopes of the future. They are what would save us all.